Need to Upgrade Your Electrical System?

Need to Upgrade Your Electrical System?

Choose us for electrical installation or panel upgrade services in Ellsworth, ME

From short-circuiting devices to damaged wiring, there are many potential issues that can arise with your electrical system. For electrical installation or repair service in Ellsworth, ME, choose Darren Richardson Electric Inc. Our experienced electrician can do everything from electrical panel upgrades to whole-house wiring. He can even repair or replace water-damaged panels, switches and breakers.

Call 207-813-0014 or 207-460-8967 today to find out if you need electrical panel upgrades.

3 ways customized lighting can enhance your space

Any new electrical installation can improve your home. Lighting installations are popular upgrades for many homeowners. With new lighting and switches, you can:

1. Set the mood with dimmer switches
2. Add elegance to a room with a beautiful chandelier
3. Install recessed lighting to create a clean, modern look

Your choice of lighting can complete the overall design of a room. If you'd like to update your lighting, contact an electrician today.